As an American student of yoga having practiced for over 2 years under various instructors in theUnited States, I feel that Dr. Jeyanthi’s style of teaching has really added to and enhanced my yoga practice. As a result of having several classes under her instruction during a recent retreat inIndia, I have a much better grasp of the integration of breath with movement which is one of the fundamentals of yoga practice that I have had difficulty fully grasping until her classes. She makes it clear and easy to integrate your inhalations and exhalations correctly during postures and movement through a practice in a very natural and fluid manner. Her expertise and style of instruction will definitely bring you to a relaxed yet invigorated state of mind and body by the end of a practice session. The pranayama sessions were also very clear and easy to follow even for beginners in a yoga practice and they are sure to leave you feeling at ease and relaxed with a clear mind and renewed spirit. Namaste.

Raina Shanks

I was first introduced to Dr J during my 12 month posting to India .
I had tryed many forms of yoga and frankly could not work out or relate to the raves and rants about yoga . This all changed after meeting dr J .
After weekly sessions I could not get enough and the time spent with dr j has changed my life .
Thank you Dr J

Anthony Carlon

Dr Jeyanthi gave a demonstration of various breathing techniques. She incorporated scientific explanation in introduction which makes it easy to understand how these technique work. Following this she goes through various exercises in a group session. she watches and corrects the method used by participants.The whole process last for 2 hours at the most and by the end you come out very relaxed in mind and body at least I did. would recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning some easy excercises which can help the betterment of life.

Dr. Ramachandran Venkatesh, M.D.
Neurologist , KC , USA

I met Dr. Jayanthi 3 years ago, before that I had been practicing yoga for 10 years. After meeting Dr. Jayanthi my classes were no more boring but became interesting...Everyday we would do different asanas and I would always be surprised with the variations that were possible under her guidance. Being an Architect I would look forward to our morning sessions every day as it always left me feeling renewed and energetic. This was crucial for me to enjoy my day later at the office. I am eagerly looking forward to the new yoga application that Dr. Jayanthi is currently working on.

Ar. Jyoti Motha

During my Journey of Joy to India retreat, I had the pleasure of meeting and taking yoga and meditation classes from Dr. Jeyanthi. Her yoga flows were full of breathing and beautiful transitions. She expanded my awareness of breath while teaching me new poses. The flows were eloquent and challenging. I also can’t say enough about her relaxation techniques. They were simple and effective. One of my most favorite things was her chanting. That really grounded me and connected my mind, body and spirit. Her yoga and meditation classes elevated my practice and awareness of breath. Thank you Dr. J!

Julee Burton