Rheumatoid Arthritis ( Vali azhal keel vayu )

Rheumatoid Arthritis ( Vali azhal keel vayu )

External Therapy

Fast Facts

  • Sedentary life style, stressful situations and fast food dietary patterns are the factors responsible for the manifestation of this disease, by increasing the Vata & Kapha principle.
  • In due course Pitta gets vitiated and thus the inflammatory process sets in causing unbearable pain, stiffness & swelling in all the major / minor joints which gets worse in the morning. 

 Suggestions from Dr. J

  • Dietary & Life style modification yields better outcomes.
  • Yoga Breathing exercises helps in preventing RA Flares & Exacerbations. View breathing exercises

Treatment Includes :

  • Internal herbal medicines like Kudineer, Mathirai, Legiyam & Choornam 
  • External application of analgesic herbal pastes ( poultice ) & medicated oil is advisable in case of inflammation
  • If there is pain without inflammation, MooligaiOttradam ( Warm Herbal Fomentation ) with          Castor ( Ricinuscommunis ), Madder ( Calotropisgigantea ), Lemon grass,                   Datura, Galangal ( Alpinia galangal ) is very effective.
  • Medicated Enema ( Peechu ) OR Therapeutic purgation ( Virechana ) balances the deranged humours.