Rejuvenation for Vata @ Samhita

Rejuvenation for Vata @ Samhita

Thokkanam ( Physical Manipulation therapy )

  • Application of Vishamushti or Vatakesari oil to the skin followed by specific strokes of Thokkanam      ( Physical Manipulation therapy ) improves blood circulation, helps in better functioning of the musculoskeletal system, recuperates the body tissues & clears stiffness.

Ottradam ( Warm Herbal Fomentation )

  • Application of heat and thereby inducing perspiration by using heated packs of specific herbal leaves like Vitex Negundo & Dhatura Metel,  is beneficial  in the vitiation of VataDosha.

SirasuDharai ( Uniform dripping of medicated liquids over forehead )

  • Decoction prepared from the roots of Bala ( SidaCordifolia ) is used in this procedure to correct Vata imbalance.