Fast Facts

Mentioned as “Kalanjagapadai” in Siddha texts, is due to excessive Pitta Dosha.

Suggestions from Dr. J

  • Application of Aloe Vera pulp over the lesion, soothes the skin.
  • Application of a paste made of Turmeric & Amla over the skin lesion provides immense relief.
  • Intake of Parangipattai Choornam ( SmilaxGlabra ROXB ) with warm water is effective for diabetics, with honey in non-diabetics.
  • Coriander Tea ( CoriandrumSativum ) twice a dayhelps to balance aggravated Pitta.
  • Sirasu Dharai ( Uniform dripping of medicated liquids over forehead ) – Medicated buttermilk is made to flow continuously along the forehead, for a desirable period.This provides good results within 7 - 14 days.

Prevention of Relapse in Psoriasis :

  • External Application of Vetpalai Oil (oil made from leaves of Wrightia Tinctoria ) 
  • Oral intake of Avuri Ilai Karkam ( paste made from grinding the leaves of Indigofera tinctoria ) 1 tea spoon, twice a day with honey brings about enormous benefits.
  • Yoga Breathing exercises helps a lot in preventing relapse. View breathing exercises