Knee pain ( Keel vayu )

Knee pain ( Keel vayu )

Fast Facts

  • Pain in the knee occurs due to derangement of Pitta initially. The deranged Pitta then dries up the lubricating fluid present in the joint, leading to restricted movement & swelling.
  • Hot fomentation can create adverse effects if there is local warmth over the swelling, hence application of a poultice made of Triphala powder along with sufficient rest, works wonders.
  • If this deranged Pitta is left unattended, slowly it may vitiate the other two dosha’s and produce associated symptoms.

Suggestions from Dr. J

  • If there is excess of Vata there will be pain without swelling. Puravazhaiyam ( Oil pooling )               & Thokkanam ( Physical Manipulation Therapy ) using Vishamushti oil is excellent in relieving pain. 
  • If there is excess of Kapha ( Degenerative joint disease ) there will be pain & mild swelling, with the absence of local warmth . Mooligai Ottradam ( Warm Herbal Fomentation ) is very effective in Degenerative joint disease.
  •     One of the best & potent oral compound drug for osteoarthritis mentioned in Agasthiar Vaidhya Kaviyam – 1500 is Gowri Chinthamani Chendooram (GCC), which should be taken with Trikadugu Choornam & honey.

Osteo Arthritis - self care includes :

  • Intake of fresh fruits, green vegetables, low salt diet & fiber rich foods.
  • Since foods like potato, capsicum, tomato, dairy products, oily foods / acid forming foods aggravates the pain, better to avoid them
  • Likewise, since habits like alcohol & smoking aggravates the pain, better to give them up. 
  • Consistent practise of isometric knee exercises & quadriceps strengthening exercises prevents further complications of osteoarthritis.