Dr. S. Jeyanthi


Siddha Physican

Wellness Consultant & Yoga Advocate

With over 15 years experience as Siddha Consultant,her philoshophy is to help alleviate chronic alments & improve healthiness of all with the use Natural & Herbal medication,proper diet, a well organised life-style Read more


  • As an American student of yoga having practiced for over 2 years under various instructors in theUnited States, I feel that Dr. Jeyanthi’s style of teaching has really added to and enhanced my yoga practice. As a... read more

    Raina Shanks
  • I was first introduced to Dr J during my 12 month posting to India . I had tryed many forms of yoga and frankly could not work out or relate to the raves and rants about yoga . This all changed after meeting dr J... read more

    Anthony Carlon
  • Dr Jeyanthi gave a demonstration of various breathing techniques. She incorporated scientific explanation in introduction which makes it easy to understand how these technique work. Following this she goes... read more

    Dr. Ramachandran Venkatesh, M.D.
    Neurologist, KC , USA